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We are looking for people who are ready to do the deep work required to reclaim their health and to restore healthy brain function. True healing often requires focus and dedication. If we decide to work with each other, we will be fully committed to helping you reach your health goals while challenging you to stay committed to your own healing process.

The demand for working with Dr. Yakel is high and only a few clients are accepted bi-monthly to make sure that each and every client receives a custom experience.

Please take your time filling out the application to provide Dr. Yakel with insight into your unique health challenges and goals.

There is a $47 upfront fee for the Discovery Call that can be applied to the cost of any testing that is ordered. After the application is submitted, you will have the opportunity to pay for and schedule your call with Dr. Yakel.

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"I am happy to report that within days of starting Dr. Yakel's recommendations and protocols I began to feel better physically and emotionally. He is kind, personable, professional, caring and positive. My weight is going down, my energy and stamina are going up, my aches and pains are less, my sleep has significantly improved, my labs are moving in the right direction, and with his help I feel confident I’ll be able to achieve my health and wellness goals."

Carol A.
65 year old cancer survivor

Client Application

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to get your brain and your life back, we want to hear from you.